Architecture & Interiors As TurnKey

Architecture & Interiors As TurnKey

AWX offers consultancy and project management services on turnkey projects basis in which it provides wide range of services including planning, procurement and furnishing of building along with other necessary services like civil construction, plumbing, electric wiring, carpentry and wooden furnishing works for different type of household and commercial building structures.

We work with edge over our nearest competitors and have a look what makes us different from other:

  • Timely Delivery of Projects.
  • To give best results work with limited Projects annually.
  • Believe in working with Long-term customer relationships
  • Quality work with agreed raw materials & supplies.
  • Transparency in costing of each and every item used.
  • Complete Monitoring and Supervision during projects execution.
  • We have built a strong relationship with our customers by offering them an exclusive work of interior designing and decoration along with other auxiliary services required for renovation and maintenance of a building as per their need and affordability.

The first benefit is no doubt the fact that the client transacts with a single supplier for both the design and the execution of the project, which simplifies its management.

From conceptualization to execution to fully furnished stage, we undertake complete Project Management.

We undertake both commercial and residential turn key projects. There are thousands of service providers in the market, what we bring to the table that separates us from the crowd? Here are few differentiators:

  • Listening carefully. We put extra effort in understanding your requirements, listening first so we can provide accurate solutions with least back and forth.
  • Design Visualization. All designs are visualized and confirmed by Client before execution –No surprises and costly redo’s
  • Best in class teams. For each project we carefully select vendors with proven track record and high quality workmanship
  • Centralized sourcing of raw materials. We select high quality materials at lowest possible prices so the benefit is passed on to our clients
  • Attention to details. We don’t overlook even the smallest flaws in execution.
  • Professional project management. We spend time on planning and organizing, ensure single point of contact for each client, guarantee the project completion within time and budget.


A turnkey project means just tell us your requirements, time lines and budget and leave the rest to us. You don’t have to do day to day supervisions, purchases or handle multiple vendors. Just give your feedback to the Project Manager and everything else will be taken care of.

B AWX offers design consultation and project management services for house construction, renovation, furnishing, civil, electrical, carpentry, designing and decoration for residential and commercial projects.

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