As an Architecture firm we have an intimate understanding of the project, lending to a smooth transaction into choosing important materials and finishes your home. We can help you by providing efficient plans, building orientation & location along with careful detailing.

AWX approach hence is to look to context as a repository of latent resources connecting production process and network’s, appropriating techniques beyond their traditional use while allowing them to evolve and persist not just through preservation but more so through evolution.

Our practice questions the nostalgia involved with the static ‘museumification’ of craft and tradition as well as the nature of what today comprises the ‘regional’ in contexts amplified by their place in global and regional networks. This attitude enables the practice to look at traditional project types, projecting their formal / relational history within the paradigms of current socio-economic forces.

AWX structure actively engages with research, collaborations and collective models of practice not as isolated individual formats but as symbiotic streams feeding into each other. We advocate this hybrid model as an alternative to the traditional architectural practice, believing that this enables us to respond to the specificity of the local by evolving methodologies of extreme subjectivity.

  • Architecture
  • Interior & Exterior Design
  • New constructions & Renovations
  • Turnkey
  • Adaptive re-use of existing buildings/material
  • Space planning
  • Landscaping & Balcony details
  • Conceptual & Theme designing
  • Consultation

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